A Day In The Life of Sapphire Docherty
Day life of sapphire docherty

Release Date

28th February 2012 (wiki)


This is the fifth book released by Dayle Doggi. The story looks at Sapphire's history.

See More File:A Day In The Life of Sapphire Docherty.pdf



  • Olivia, Smithy & Mike are credited but don't appear.
  • Nicolas & Lan appear without lines.


  • It is unknown if "McAllister" is Jaret.
  • This is the first story not to feature without Smithy & Olivia.
  • This is the first story Dayle appears without Smithy & Olivia.
  • Pierce has only been a police officer since 2004.
  • We find out why Sapphire doesn't talk about her family as discussed in Exits & Beginnings
  • This is also the first time Pierce appears without Smithy.
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