Best of Originals
Best of Originals
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Release Date

10th February 2011


Alternative Hip-Hop




  1. Close Love (single) (11th February 2012)
  2. Froggi Doggi (single) (Re-release 29th February 2012)
  3. Compared (single) (9th March 2012)

Release Chronology

Prev - Best of 2011 (2011)

Current - Best of Originals (2012)

Next - School Days (Extended Play) (2012)


This is a completion album of 6 best originals and 3 bonus original tracks.

Track ListingEdit

Best of TracksEdit

Track No. Title Writer(s)
1 5 Golden Rings Doggi
2. Froggi Doggi Doggi
3. Messin' In Toyland Doggi, Kimmykins
4. Wateva Minga Doggi, Dizzy, Kimmykins, Tiny, Stirling, 59, Benzine
5. Crocodile Tears Doggi, Kimmykins
6. She Said She Loved Me


Bonus TracksEdit

Track No. Title Writer(s)
7. Lick Me Doggi
8. Compared Doggi
9. Close Love Doggi, Webb


  • This is the first album to contain no covers.
  • Close Love is the Valentine's Day single.
  • Compared features alter-ego Alex
  • Three songs were co-wrote with Kimmykins.
  • 5 Golden Rings is the most recent of the six previous originals.

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