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This is the first season of the books wrote by Dayle Doggi. It was 7 stories in lengh.


Main CharactersEdit

Regular Supporting CharactersEdit


Book Title Writer Notes
The Curse of Dayle Fowler Dayle Doggi

Debuts of Dayle, Olivia, Matt, Jaret, Ella, Smithy, Adam, Sapphire, Demi, Anton & Sphynx

The Triumph of Dayle Fowler Dayle Doggi

Debuts of Pierce, Nicolas & Mackenzie

Final living appearance of Ella

The Life or Death of Dayle Fowler Dayle Doggi

Debuts of Mike & Vikki

Final living appearance of Mackenzie

Exits & Beginnings Dayle Doggi

Debuts of Lan & Elio

Departure of Jaret

A Day in the Life of Sapphire Docherty Dayle Doggi

Debuts of Andrew, Aoife & Charlotte

Final Living Appearance of Aoife

Murder In The Dark Dayle Doggi

Debuts of Emz, Alyssa, Roisin & C.M Gray

Final Living Appearance of Matt

One Big Day Dayle Doggi

Debuts of Nikita, Lisa, Gareth & Diamond

Guest Appearance from Jaret

Final Living Appearance of Emz, Mike, Sphynx & Nevo


  • Dayle & Sapphire remain only characters not to miss a story.
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