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This is the second season of books wrote by Dayle Doggi and is due release Summer 2012. This will contain 8 books and 2 specials (confirmed on Facebook).


Main CharactersEdit

Regular Supporting CharactersEdit


Book Title Writer Book Notes
Duplicated (Part One) Dayle Doggi

Debuts of Time Watcher & Body Copy Robots

Final Living Appearance of Lisa Warren & Gareth Owens

Duplicated (Part Two) Dayle Doggi

Debuts of Lily Holden & Lord Den Starkin

Nikita Jailed

Hero Trouble Dayle Doggi

Crossover of Ben 10 Ultimate Alien

Departure of Smithy.

Trouble In LGBT Dayle Doggi

New Main Character

Song for book is called Doggerella

From The Skies Dayle Doggi New Main Character
Dayle's Trouble Dayle Doggi Parallell World
The End (Part One) Dayle Doggi
The End (Part Two) Dayle Doggi Final living appearance of Sapphire.
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