Ugly retard that thinks he can sing
Knobhead in Ghostbusters

Cum Coke give blowjobs for 1 50 and clint yours will be free sexy

Dayle Cant-sing-for-shit Hayes (Fowler)

We think he was a test tube baby

4th November 1995

Professional dickhead with no subscribers on YouTube

  • Singer
  • Rapper
  • Songwriter
  • Student (part time)


His ma's dildo (if he can find it)

He fingerd his wee sister olivia

Punk, Rock, Rap, Gangsta Rap, Acapella, Swag Pop, Dance, Comedy, Heavy Metal, Hardcore, Folk

Associated Acts

Kevin Webster, Jimmy Saville(deceased), Gary Glitter, Michael Jackson(deceased), Fat ho, Richard Head, Phil McCracken.

Also Known As

Dayle Fowler, Dayle Doggi, Fat bast, Toastie(yeah he actually thought that was a good stage name)


Dayle Doggi is the stage name of Dayle Fowler. As of 10th April 2012 Dayle changed his stage name to Toastie and in my spare time i love to cum in coke and send videos of me wanking to everyone on bbm and showing everyone ma SWaG #YOLO

Quotes; "This one's for Clint"

Celebrities EncounteredEdit

  • Jeff Steinberg (September 2010)
  • Colin Bateman (March 14th 2012)
  • Arthur Darvill (March 25th 2012)
  • Matt Smith (as Arthur)
  • Karen Gillan (as Arthur)
  • Steven Moffat (as Arthur)
  • You Me At Six (19th August 2012)
  • Paramore (as above)
  • Jody Has A Hitlist (as above)



All Of Them

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Performances (with Alter-Egos)Edit

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  • 2012, January 21 - The Fostering Network (Excellent Behaviour) WON

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