Doggi's Xmas
Doggi's Xmas
Single by Dayle Doggi

From the Album Caroling (The Christmas Album)






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Doggi's Xmas is an upcoming single and the third track in Caroling (The Christmas Album)


Caroling (The Christmas Album)Edit

2. Joy 2 Tha World

3. Doggi's Xmas

4. Away In A Manger




Ho Ho Ho Doggi ere with a ice cold deer rappin in this ruddy cold weather so much it freezes no nice breezes in my hat and scarf!

Jingle bells jingle bells and a happy new year (x3)

Dashing through the snow yeah uh now its becoming a flow of snow it may become a blizzard right to it makes my toes really cold and I get a right frostbite so far I'm a snowman!

(Jingle New Yr)

Santa claus santa claus bring one gift tonight coz its all I want is for my folks to have peace this is Doggi's Christmas!


I don't wish bad luck on my hatas because they hate coz they're messed up admirers, everyone deserves peace at christmas time no matter what crime because its only right!

You may make a shoebox for Christmas to help those in need and the millionaires have a big feed but that don't matter while we have life on Christmas Day its a day to celebrate not to fight and have non-stop war!



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