Rock The World
Rock The World
Single by Dayle Doggi Featuring Lucy Patton

From the album School Days

Release Date

4th March 2012 (video)


Alternative Hip-Hop, Rock




This is a Rap/Rock track wrote by Dayle Doggi & features guest vocals from singer Lucy Patton.


School DaysEdit

2. Teenage Lovers

3. Rock The World

4. Dirty Photos (song)


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Doggi, Lucy

[Chorus] coming up with a new song we're gonna rock, rock, rock this world oh come on guys let's rock the world tonight

[Rap] world going bad its getting mad, I'm gonna rock and talk the walk, let's just get along with our neighbours no fighting no igniting, uranium & plutonium get rid of the titanium, stop the wars rock the world coz war just fucks people up!


No flags no slogans, we're all one to rock this world we're all human if you don't like it well your an idiot protestant catholic jews Muslim we're all human no differences we all come from the same place let's share this world as one, don't be sexist male & female are equal treat girls with fucking respect or deal with the consequences!

[Chorus] (x2)



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