Wateva Minga


This was the first writings of Natasha Stirling, 59 (writer) & Benzine


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(Kimmykins) Have you ever lived a day in someone's life no you haven't well sticks and stones may break bones but words never harm! ‎​(59) What u staring at minga! U leave me why can't u see I don't need you? Whatever minga lalalalala what kinda name is that? Doggi means business don't u think any less. Woof doggis out! ‎​(Dizzy) Doggi don't want this shit. Everytime you see me, I get hit. You say I'm bad but you f**k your dad.

(Tiny) My name's Doggi, all I get is hate! Cos you know I'm great, gtf mate. ‎​(benzine) EYOO what the f**k are you playing at? I'm da doggi in this town! Doggis better without a LALA! Now skeet.

(Tasha) hi I'm dayle, but you can call me doggi, I'm no hound from the pound, I'm the real thing, bet your well jel, cos' your a f***ing mingaaa!

(Doggi)D-D-Dayle Doggi Call me what you want I'm a rapper but I'm no fergie or nicki minaj! Go eat your animal biscuits and shove them where the sun doesn't shine I'm through with this rap!!



  • This rap has the most writers so far.


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