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This rap was wrote by Dizzy D & Dayle Doggi


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Bitch ass niggers, up in my hood. Imma pop these niggers up tha hood!, they be complainin how in africa they gots no food, f**k you nigger, up the hood!

What you jewin? Countin pennies? F**k you jews. Up the hood! Jews will sue, fuck you. We don't want minorities. We the f***in white majority.

Ay yo I'm in the generation, I'm no freak, I'm in the white majority, I'm black inside white outside, your f***ing faggots, you can kiss my incisive ass, only friends I see is dizzy and tiny, f**k them others, I'm for going as this is my generation


  • This is the first Dizzy hit not to feature Tiny
  • Dayle wrote the end.


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