Zombie Horrors
Zombie Horrors
Single by Dayle Doggi Featuring Olivia Fowler

From the album Halloween Horrors

Release Date

1st October 2011


Halloween, Hip-Hop


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This is a single from the album Halloween Horrors in the album it was a solo version but the single release featured Olivia Fowler.


Halloween HorrorsEdit

5. It's Terror Time Again

6. Zombie Horrors

7. Spooky Song


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Burn Zombie Burn

Zoinks their out for the night shit what will we do to send them back to the pit, Dayle Doggi is getting scared while the zombies are bloody dared! These ghoulish freaks attackin for a day I hope they better find their way, we'll all be scaredy cats while these freaks will eat our bats!

Burn Zombie Burn, Burn Zombie Burn, Burn Zombie Burn

These Zombies aren't alive but they send a thrive up our spines we should drink our wines, They haven't killed us but their stealing our bus!

Burn Zombie Burn

Zombies huntin' us down I thought it was a clown, Their green skin also has some pins, Dayle Doggi & Olivia This makes a Trivia, I'm smaller this is a Zombie Horror

Burn Zombie Burn



  • The album release was a solo version but the single release featured vocals from Olivia Fowler.
  • This song is going to be on Best of 2011 the Olivia Fowler version.

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